Francis Street Atelier

By Jewellery Designer & Maker, Lalita Peeranan


Think of it as walking around your own city and discovered an enchanting little old bricks house that you can see a maker is making things by hand at the back workshop.


Francis Street Atelier is the name of a little workshop & boutique I have in Darlinghurst 

Sydney since Autumn in 2015. The building is a charming heritage grey corner store hidden at the back of Francis Street so I adopted the name, since, after all, the Atelier is a place for beautiful little treasures that made by hand. This old house reminds me of my time as a goldsmith life in Amsterdam, I moved back to Sydney in 2012 and I never could let go the concept of having a jewellery workshop in a little old house that people can see how things made and in the space surrounding by tools, plants and beautiful handmade pieces.


Francis Street Atelier serves as a place where the stories are conceived, developed and created, I design and hand-making jewellery at the back workshop whilst the front space is arranged to showcasing the full scope of my collections and invite clients to immerse themselves into my passion for contemporary & fine jewellery. The boutique space also gives people an easy way to work directly with bespoke design on engagement rings and custom pieces. I also share the work from some of my favourite designers across all mediums to create a context in which jewellery, art and ceramic illuminate one another.


Each piece of jewellery and object from Francis Street Atelier has been thoughtfully designed and crafted by hand in limited quantities in Sydney. The selection of pieces will change and vary so you will never be quite sure what to expect. The only thing you can be sure of is BEAUTY & UNIQUE.


I hope you will love collecting!

With Love, Lalita xx